Iowa Wesleyan University

Iowa Wesleyan University

Mission & Core Values
Iowa Wesleyan University is a transformational learning community whose passion is to educate, empower and inspire students to lead meaningful lives and careers.

Learning & Community:
We value a love of learning, a desire for civility, and the release of human potential for the sake of the common good.

Faith & Service:
We honor spiritual values, social justice, and the welfare of the human community through civic engagement and service to one another.

Discovery & Action:
We value the discovery of the self, the other, the broader world, and responsible action in response to those discoveries.

Courage & Passion:
We value learning in community and appreciate that these endeavors require bold risk-taking; and we value and celebrate that these endeavors are fueled by the passions, desires, and aspirations of our members.  
Mount Pleasant, Iowa, United States Mount Pleasant, Iowa, United States

Company Information

The academic programs at Iowa Wesleyan include undergraduate, graduate, and online learning. Service-learning is integrated into the curriculum, ensuring that all students connect classroom learning with service to others.

Located in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, Iowa Wesleyan offers a variety of arts and cultural opportunities for southeast Iowa. Art shows, concerts, lectures, and plays take place throughout the year and most are open to the public at no charge. The Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra is based on campus.

Company History

Founded in 1842, Iowa Wesleyan University is a fully accredited, coeducational liberal arts university. IW has a rich history of innovation in education; is a pioneer in the sciences; and at the forefront of educational opportunities for women. Iowa Wesleyan has been a leader in service-learning with students participating 100% in internships as a part of curriculum.

The historic founding of Iowa Wesleyan University is rooted in the religious, educational and cultural aspirations of early settlers in the frontier settlement of Mt. Pleasant. Their aspirations were shaped by an impelling vision and a bold determination to build an institute of learning in the rapidly developing southeast corner of the Iowa Territory. On February 17, 1842, the Territorial Legislature granted a charter for the Mt. Pleasant Literary Institute, later named the Mt. Pleasant Collegiate Institute.

On July 1, 1912, Iowa Wesleyan University became Iowa Wesleyan College. Through the years, the College has pioneered in such features as coeducation, the laboratory approach to teaching in the sciences, and service learning, adopted in 1967. More recently it has implemented an experiential learning program that integrates its Life Skills emphases with service learning and career experience into each student’s education. To prepare students for responsible citizenship and fulfilling careers, this program combines a broad-based liberal arts curriculum with community service learning opportunities and field experience in the chosen field of study. In May 2015 the institution readopted its earlier name of Iowa Wesleyan University to better reflect its role in serving the students, communities, and businesses of southeast Iowa.

Iowa Wesleyan maintains a close affiliation with the United Methodist Church, from which it derives its sensitivity for spiritual values in social justice and human welfare, local, national and international. In its distinctive role among the many institutions of learning in America, Iowa Wesleyan holds fast to the ideals of its founding vision, while fostering creativity and the pursuit of truth in its developing curricular framework of Learning in Community.

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