ProTalento - The Leading Job Board in Hispanic Higher Education

Our Mission

We help candidates and employers find and fill jobs by being a qualified trusted source for job openings and diverse candidates.

Who Are We?

ProTalento is a team of committed professionals dedicated to bridging the gap between skilled job seekers and successful employers. Our services cater to a diverse range of companies and organizations, partnering with colleges and universities to connect candidates with potential employers. Our unique job site grew out of a need for the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities to offer career-related information to candidates searching for meaningful employment.


ProTalento can help streamline your job search by providing a professional profile, job alerts, text messages when jobs are posted, and a private messaging center to communicate with hiring managers.


ProTalento can streamline your hiring process by providing a robust job seeker database, exclusive Match Jobs to Candidates feature, custom email templates, instant notifications when job seekers register, and a messaging center to communicate with job seekers. And so much more!